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Wash Services.
Detail Services.
Doheny Village Hand Car Wash 34241 Doheny Park Road, Capistrano Beach, CA 92624

We Are Your Vehicle Detailing Service Professionals.
Bring in your Car, Boat, Motorcycle or RV.
We provide complete inside and out detailing for all of your vehicles
and services start at about $279.00. A Complete Detail Includes:

Ask our sales staff or one of our managers for a quote on your vehicle.
Prices vary depending on the age and condition of your vehicle.
Please allow 3 to 5 hours for a complete detail, depending on size and condition.
Headlight Restoration - from $79.99.
Exterior Detail  -  from $179.00
Restores the exterior appearance of
your vehicle. Oxidation removal with
clay bar, high speed polish, high gloss
wax, Deluxe Wheel Cleaning, complete
exterior dressing. Allow about 2 hours
for service.
Interior Detail  -  from $179.00
Complete shampoo of interior carpets/ mats &  upholstery, all leather & vinyl cleaned and dressed, dash/door panels/ console cleaned and dressed, trunk cleaned and interior fragrance (upon request). Allow about 2 ½ hours for service.
Express Wax - from $74.99
Includes full service hand wash, plus - Hand applied high gloss wax, deluxe wheel cleaning and tire dressing. Allow about 30 minutes after the wash for service. *Not recommended for problem paint.
Express Carpet - from $79.99
Includes full service hand wash, plus -
Complete carpet & mat shampoo, clean and dress dash and
console, interior fragrance (upon request). Allow about 45 minutes after your vehicle wash for service.

Windshield Repair - from about $69.99
Keep those small chips or stars from becoming large
cracks. We use a vacuum repair system to
permanently fill and repair chips and stars.
100% Hand Wash
Deluxe Wheel Cleaning
Clay Bar Exterior Surface Prep to remove surface contamination.
Polish and Wax Painted Surfaces
Shampoo Interior Carpets and Floor Mats.
Clean Interior Leather & Vinyl
Condition Interior Leather & Vinyl
Clean and Dress Dash, Console and Door Panels.
Clean Door, Hood & Trunk Jambs.
Clean Trunk

    Additional Detail Services By Estimate:
         •Heavy Oxidation •Water Spots •Tree Sap •Paint Overspray
         •Sticker and Decal Removal •Carpet Stains •Leather Treatment •Wheel polishing
         •Interior odors •Swirl Marks •Bumper Repair