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Wash Services.
Detail Services.
Doheny Village Hand Car Wash 34241 Doheny Park Road, Capistrano Beach, CA 92624
Doheny Deluxe Hand Wash Package - $29.99*
 Includes full service hand wash, plus -
 clearcoat conditioner, sealer wax, underbody wash, polymer rainbow wax, clearcoat  protectant, deluxe wheel cleaning, tire dressing and Interior fragrance (upon request ).
Village Value Hand Wash Package - $26.99*
 Includes full service hand wash, plus -
 Clearcoat conditioner, sealer wax, underbody wash, tire dressing
 and Iinterior fragrance (upon request ).
Full Service Plus Hand Wash Package - $23.99*
 Includes full service hand wash, plus -
 Clearcoat conditioner, sealer wax and interior fragrance (upon request ).
Full Service Hand Wash -  $21.99*
 Includes exterior hand wash, air gun detail to remove excess water from mirrors/
 trim and bumpers, vacuum interior, clean windows, dust dash and console.
Wash Services

We’re able to provide service on most types of Vehicles, and we can wash Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUV’s, Motorcycles, Boats, RV’s, and Trailers. Just ask our sales staff or one of our managers for pricing.

If you drive a Corvette, Harley, BMW, Lexus,Yamaha, Ferrari, F-250 Crew Cab Dually, Mercedes, Honda or RV.

If you have anything special that you want cleaned, please let our service writer know when you arrive.

Please keep in mind that things like tree sap, road tar,
water spots and paint overspray don’t come off with soap and
water and might need to be handled by our detail department. Please
ask our staff for recommendations or cost estimates.
Bucket and Speciality Washes - Start About $34.99
 A Bucket Wash is an ‘off-the-line’ hand wash for vehicles that don’t fit in our wash
 tunnel. If your car:
Has wheels over 13 1/2 inches wide
You drive a dually truck
Your car is lower than 4 inches
Your vehicle is taller than 7 ft 10 in
You want a trailer washed
 You need a Bucket Wash.

*Trucks, Vans, SUV’s, Limo’s, Boats, RV’s

Exotic or unusual vehicles are subject to

extra charges. Prices subject to change.


Pre Paid Wash Books and
Gift Certificates
Pre paid wash coupons are a convenient way to always have a carwash in your wallet
or purse. Sold in books of three washes. Hand them out to friends, employees or or make sure that the kids have some so there’s
no excuse for the car to be dirty when they bring it back.

SAVE 15% off the regular price
When you buy Pre Paid Wash Books.

  Full Service Hand Wash    $56.07
  Full Service Plus Package  $61.17
  Village Value Package       $68.82
  Doheny Deluxe Package   $76.47

Doheny Village Gift Certificates are available for all of our
Wash and detail services.